Multiple Crypto Wallets

Store 5 most popular cryptocurrencies
and exchange them to traditional money
in one place.

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All-in-one Mobile Wallets

Best features from both worlds — crypto and traditional finances.

  • Free BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP wallets
  • Used to store, buy and sell cryptocurrency
  • Linked with instant crypto to EUR exchange
  • Providing exchange to TRASTRA Payment card
  • Using crypto in daily life

Use Cryptocurrency Like Regular Money

Turn all your Bitcoins and Altcoins into Euros through instant exchange and use them via debit card

  • Store. Hold crypto in secured place.
  • Send. Make crypto transfers everywhere you want.
  • Receive. Accept crypto payments to your wallet from everywhere.
  • Exchange. Turn crypto to EUR via instant exchange.
  • Withdraw. Cash out crypto with TRASTRA Payment card at any ATM.
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Selectable Mining Fee

Send Bitcoins faster or cheaper? — Now itʼs your choice. Choose a type of block for your transaction to write in

  • Minimal mining fee and no commission along with slow speed
  • Mean transaction fee goes with medium speed.
  • Highest transaction speed for a reasonable price.
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5 Layers of Crypto Wallets Security

All our wallets are online multi-sig wallets issued by industry leader BitGo.
Multi-sig wallets

Multi-sig wallets

Safer with BitGo

All wallets are industry standardized, provided by BitGo and issued within P2SH and HD BIP32.


Solution for more security

2FA is another layer of security that protects your web and mobile apps account from unauthorized entry.

SSL encryption

SSL encryption

Data under protection

We protect all private and financial customer data with HTTPS protocol.

Device authorisation

Device authorisation

Profile protection

Only authorized devices can login into your account.

Ready to Get Your Crypto Freedom?

Store crypto in BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and XRP wallets,
order Visa card
for spending crypto like traditional money.

Multiple Crypto Wallets

TRASTRA provides free cryptocurrency wallets for everyone who signs up with us. Once you verify your identity you get free crypto wallets in Bitcoins and essential altcoins like Ether, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

TRASTRA wallet works as a regular crypto wallet – online or mobile.

Online and Mobile Crypto Wallet

TRASTRA provides online wallets for a web app and mobile app. Your wallet addresses are replicated across the devices you own. Hence, your crypto is always with you, right in your smartphone, and you can use it on the go. Online and mobile crypto wallets offer a safer and more convenient alternative to carrying around physical wallets.

Online crypto-wallet keeps your money safe no matter what happens with your wallet in real world.

You can use all wallets as mobile crypto wallets that are integrated into TRASTRA mobile app. The mobile app is always with you, and therefore you can use it as an instrument of day-to-day payments. Scan QR codes and send crypto instantly.

Crypto Wallets with Seamlessly Integrated Crypto Exchange and a Fiat Account

All TRASTRA online crypto wallets are integrated seamlessly with each other and with EUR currency account. Thus, you can send Bitcoins to Litecoin or XRP/LTC/BCH/ETH and even EUR or vice versa in any direction. All the exchange operations happen on the fly seamlessly and in a matter of moments.

TRASTRA provides a unique all-in-one solution for both crypto and fiat worlds banking, giving our clients multi crypto wallets along with EUR currency account and debit card all integrated with a seamless crypto-fiat exchange.

Select the Block to Write Your Transaction In Bitcoins

While sending bitcoins from TRASTRA crypto wallet, you can choose the block to write your transaction in. You can either go for saving a few satoshi on a mining fee, or you can select the first block and make the speed of your transaction a high priority. This kind of unique feature is only provided exclusively by TRASTRA.

Crypto Wallet Security Measures

All TRASTRA wallets powered by BitGo. Multi-sig wallets are issued within a P2SH security standard and HD BIP32 for financial privacy.

Every spending transaction needs to be approved by at least two independent parties – you and TRASTRA. We have various co-signing policies that include rate limits, address whitelists, webhooks, secondary approvals and more.

On top of that TRASTRA security measures add several layers of security to its mobile and online crypto wallets: 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), SSL encryption, transfer approval and Device authorization confirmation through email.

Convenient Multiple Crypto Wallets

All the innovations from the world of cryptocurrencies are implemented in the most simple way. They are integrated with real-world traditional money, managed in one handy app. Pay, send, exchange, receive or cash out. Everything is available for both crypto and fiat worlds.

What Can You Do with Your Crypto Wallets


All wallets are connected to EUR currency account via instant crypto-fiat exchange.


Send money instantly in multiple cryptocurrencies BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC, BCH – select the one that is suitable for you and transfer in a matter of moments.


Use our mobile wallet app to scan QR codes and make crypto transfers easily and swiftly. Pay fiat invoices via crypto via Euro card online.


You can receive crypto payments to any of TRASTRA Multiple Crypto Wallets. Accept payments from international customers from any industry. Receive salary, payouts in crypto or withdraw any income from cryptocurrency or ICO friendly businesses.


Your wallets are connected to EUR account via instant exchange. This allows you to convert crypto into Euro and withdraw cash in the nearest ATM.


Your EUR account is actually your debit card that can and must be used for online and offline purchases =)